MonoChloroAcetic Acid
 Sodium MCA
 HydroChloric Acid
 Sodium HypoChloride


Specifications of MONOCHLORO ACETICACID - (CAS No.79-11-8)

MonoChloroAcetic Acid

Product Mono Chloro Acetic Acid
Chemical Structure  CLCH2COOH
Appearance / color White
Molecular Weight Assay 94.50
Stability fully stable compound 
Specific Gravity  1.58 at 20oC
Boiling Point  189.4oC
Setting Point  61.5o to 62.5o
Assay Purity  99 % Min
DCA Content  0.50 % Max
Acetic acid Content  0.20% Max
Iron Content  10 PPM Max
Water / Moisture Content  0.50%Max
Packing  50 Kgs. HDPE Bags
  with LDPE Liner